Cameron Semmens

Poet. Author. Poetry Educator.

... also ...

Co-founder of Wattle & Willow Books:
Self-publishing Consultancy. Book Design. Independent Publisher.

Who is this Cameron Semmens?

Well, this is a question that he often asks himself. He is many things, as we all are. Most definitely he is a poet; an award-winning and prolifically published one at that. But he also does book designing, publishing consultancy and facilitates creative writing workshops for students and adults across Australia. He also has worked as a carer and mental health support worker for many years and is presently studying his Bachelor of Counselling, where he seeks to unite this professional therapy with his creative practices.

He has described himself at various times as: a connoisseur of fine words, a soul plumber, a professor of heartbreak, a post-Protestant agno-mystic, a force of dadness, and a truly lucky guy having the love-wind of Ramak, three beautiful kiddies and a supportive crowd of family and friends.

Cameron has published 25 books, released 6 spoken word albums, has had many individual poems published in magazines and journals, and currently he curates 2 podcasts:

Shards – The 1 Poem Podcast of Cameron Semmens 

The Persian and The Poet
where Cameron Semmens and Ramak Bamzar share poems of love and wonder in English and Farsi.


Have a REAL LIVE poet in your class!

School Incursions by Cameron Semmens

"I love bringing poetry to schools! Let me bring your students alive to the power and potential of a poem... on page, or on stage!"

– Cam

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W A T T L E  &  W I L L O W  B O O K S

Self-publishing Consultancy. Book Design. Independent Publisher.

“Moving your book from dream to reality!”

The Wattle & Willow Books creative team is Cameron Semmens and Ramak Bamzar... and they offer 2 key services:



where they help you find to best pathway to publish your book 



where they do book and cover design and assist you in the printing process until you have your book in your hands

With reasonable, flat-rate pricing Wattle & Willow Books exists to help people discern the best self-publishing pathway and to create gorgeous books.

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A few key awards and accolades Cameron has achieved over the years...

In page poetry:

•    2nd place – Port Writers Open Literary Competition, 2018 – poetry section.

•    Finalist in The Newcastle Poetry Prize, 2017.

•    Winner of Port Writers Open Literary Competition, 2017 – poetry section.

•    Winner of Port Writers Open Literary Competition, 2017 – non-fiction section.

•    Winner of the PAVE / Woorilla Poetry Prize, 2015.

•    Winner of the Fellowship of Australian Writers, QLD, poetry competition, 2014.

In books:

•    Winner of the CALEB Prize, 2014, poetry section – The Poetry of Home.

•    Shortlisted for Australian Christian Book of The Year, 2014 –

                Love is The New Black, 3rd edition.

•    Shortlisted for Australian Christian Book of The Year, 2012; and Grand Overall Winner of the CALEB Prize, 2012 – The ZOO in YOU.

•    Finalist for the CALEB Prize: Reviewers Choice, 2011 – Give a Man a Fish.

In performance poetry:

•    2nd place – Slamalamadingdong, July Poetry Slam, 2017.

•    Finalist – CBAA Community Radio Awards, 2016 – for a series of ads promoting Belgrave Heights Christian School all based around original poems by Cameron Semmens.

•    2nd place – Slamalamadingdong, grand final, 2015.        

•    Grand finalist – Poetry Idol, 2009.

•    Winner – NSW Writer's Centre Poetry Cup, 1999.



Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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