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All The Way to The Sea

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

When someone says

It’s a long story…

It’s probably not that long.

It’s quite likely

they’ve just never had the chance

to fully tell it out – spell it out –

follow its twists and turns

all the way to the sea.

When someone says

No words can describe…

They might be surprised

how much CAN be

hinted at and conjured up by words alone;

how much CAN be

approximated and triangulated by stumbling explanations;

and how much CAN be

released and freed by simply talking.

Tell them

I’m here to hear;

here to listen to anything you have to say,


And through the swirl

and canal of your ear

their long story

may finally drain

into the great ocean

of history;

and the weighty deep-sea blackness

of all that is indescribable

might just be made

a little less dark

with the glow of truly being heard

and the bioluminescence of truly letting go.

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