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The Healing of Tears

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Don’t wipe your tears away,

don’t smother them with tissues,

let them streak

and splash

and sparkle in the sun.

Wear your tears like jewels.

And don’t try to blink your tears away,

let them sit in your eyes

and you will see the world

as if hovering beneath the ocean.

Just let your tears spill out naturally,

waterfalling down your face

until they lap the shores of your lips.

Then let your tongue extend

like the tentacle of an octopus

to taste this tear

and yes – you will taste

the ocean.

These tiny salt-water pools

on the foreshore of your face

provide a buoyancy...

You won’t sink.

You won’t drown.

These tears

will keep you afloat.

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